Great News! Investing 101 now is included when ordering a Site License

Do you want to use Investing101 at your school? You're not alone! We have dozens of schools with hundreds of students using Investing101 as part of their personal finance and investing curriculum.

Our Site License includes full access to all 10 chapters of our Beginners Investing Course and a customizable stock market simulation with embedded Personal Finance, Economics, and Business curriculum. The curriculum is aligned to national standards and consists of over 125 articles, videos, interactive calculators and other activities—each with a POP QUIZ at the end that students must pass to get credit for completing each task. The site is also ad-free, is COPPA compliant, and is Google Classroom compatible. Each semester there is also a National Student Competition with prizes for top performing students.

Site License(4)

When deciding which Site License you need, please consider the total number of students at your school that might benefit from this site for the entire year. Site Licenses are sold on an annual basis (any 365 day window) per school.

  • Site License

Covers Up To 250-1,000 seats

Price Per Year: $ 3,995

  • Mini Site License

Covers Up To 250 Seats

Price Per year: $ 1,995


  • Micro Site License

Covers Up To 100 Seats Per Year

Price Per Year: $995

  • Only Investing 101

Covers Up To 10 Seats Per Year

Price Per Year: $495

For more information, contact our Sales Team at sales {at}, or call us at 1-514-871-2222 ext 232. You can also use our contact form here.


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