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The Investing101 Site License

Do you want to use Investing101 at your school? You're not alone! We have dozens of schools with hundreds of students using Investing101 as part of their personal finance and investing curriculum.

The Investing101 site license will let every student and all interested teachers at your school get full access to all 10 chapters of our Beginners Investing Course, plus access to the industry-leading portfolio simulation at StockTrak.

Sounds Great! What Is Included?

There are a few different levels of license your school can acquire.

  • Mini Site License

Covers Up To 10 Users Per Year

This license will give up to 10 users at your school full access to the Investing Course per year, plus their own individual portfolio to practice trading at

  • Full Site License

Covers Up To 200 Users Per Year

This license covers up to 200 users at a single school per year, with all users getting full access to the Investing Course, and their own practice portfolios at This is great to include in multiple classes and investment clubs.

For district wide access, please contact our sales team for pricing (email: sales {at}

  • Personal Finance Lab License

Covers Up To 500 Users Per Year

The Personal Finance Lab license covers up to 500 users throughout your school. This gives not only all students full access to the investing course, but also gives teachers the ability to monitor student progress.

Teachers can also set up their own stock contests, which incorporates stock, mutual fund, bond, and commodities trading with their own custom class rules, and students can progress through the investing course and manage their portfolio all in one place.

The Personal Finance Lab License also includes an additional 60 lessons built around the National Standards for Personal Finance, Business, and Economics education curriculum.


  • White Label License

Covers Up To 1000 Users Per Year

The White Label License covers up to 1000 users per year throughout your school, and includes custom branding to match your school website's look and feel. Our design team will work with your school to build an entire custom platform, where you can run unlimited trading challenges for teachers, students, parents, and volunteers. Your school sets the trading parameters for each contest to fit their own needs.

Each user gets full access to the Investing Course, with their teacher or administrator able to monitor their progress individually, both on the trading platform and the course. This also includes 100 additional lessons based on the National Standards for Personal Finance, Business, and Economics, along with an Education Center with over 400 additional glossary terms, interactive finance calculators, and videos.

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Investing 101 Site License Summary



For more information, contact our Sales Team at sales {at}, or call us at 1-514-871-2222 ext 232. You can also use our contact form here.

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